Pre-Cataclysm time is largely lost and somewhat forgotten, as histories and libraries were destroyed by the undead forces. Those who have somehow kept a tome or two of historical knowledge (largely elven sages in Paradisia) split the pre-Cataclysmic age into two parts: the Golden Era, where mortals and gods lived together in harmony, and the Silver Era, the time after the gods left and mortals were forced to fend for themselves. Books written then tend to break it down further, into three “ages”:

Pre-First Age – The creation of the world and life by the Old Gods. Most of these stories have been lost to time.

First Age – Mortals and gods live together in peace and harmony. Roughly two thousand years long.

Second Age – Mortals anger gods, gods move to the Outer Planes, punish mortals (somehow). Roughly fifteen hundred years long.

Third Age – Mortals experience relative safety and peace. Roughly three thousand years long.

After the Cataclysm, history took a backseat to survival, though more recently scholars have taken to transcribing the last thousand years or so. They break what they call the Fourth Age into three major shifts:

1. The Death of the Gods

Not much is known about this time, other than the Cataclysm occurred and destroyed the gods. While it is rumored that the Lich Kings were created in this time as paladins and clerics had their pure divinity sucked from them, changing them into evil decaying monsters, the truth is no one knows, as no one has spoken to a Lich King long enough to get such information.

Following the Death of the Gods, a time of disarray occurred for roughly 200 years, leading to the next shift.

2. The Rise of the Lich Kings

At some point, the various Lich Kings across Khalin gained sufficient power to begin rousing the dead from their slumber. The next one hundred years are a blur of destruction and murder as the Lich Kings take their territory and raze anything in their path. It is during this time that the city-states we see today begin to fortify themselves against the undead hordes.

While the Lich Kings remain in Khalin to this day, they after roughly one hundred years they reigned in their chaos dramatically, for reasons still unknown to this day.

3. The Treaty of Paradisia

Two hundred years passed in relative peace and darkness as mankind struggled to survive. Eventually wizards and archmages were called to the Diamond Tower in Paradisia to begin preparations to reactivate the teleportation circles in the various remaining city-states. For the next 70 years these wizards traveled Khalin to do this. Once it was finished, ambassadors from each remaining city teleported into Paradisia to sign a treaty allying themselves against the undead hordes, setting up the system known as the Gate Pass, and formally acknowledging their government and population. The Treaty was also signed by the goblinoids, who were decimated just as badly as mankind by the undead, and wished only to be left alone.

Since then, Khalin has been at peace, and quiet, until recently. Rumors abound of a fourth shift, The Prophecy, which proclaims that new gods shall be raised to the heavens. Is this prophecy true? We shall find out…


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