Temple of the Light

Located deep in the mountains of Cherook Island sits the Temple of the Light, a monastery and citadel nestled amongst tall crags and spires covered in snow. The temple, which once was a temple to a long lost god, has been turned into a keep with one sole purpose: the eventual deification of mortals, foretold by prophecy to become the new gods.

These mortals, known as the Lost Light, exist all over Khalin, and even across the multiverse. All devas, following the death of the gods, became monks in service of this one goal. Their race is quickly dying off, and unless they can find the mortal who will become the new gods, they will soon cease to exist.

The temple in Khalin houses six devas, who tutor and guide the prophesied children who enter the temple. I say “children” because the prophecy states that the Lost Light will be known as a child, not a man (man being man or woman, obviously). Thus, it is mainly children who are invited to the temple. They do not force them to stay there, nor do they send away anyone who wishes to stay. Many of the children end up not being the Lost Light, but are welcomed to stay and help the monastery if they wish. Those that do see the second stages of the prophecy are given a choice: begin the quest to become a new god, or turn away and forget the whole thing ever happened. The deva truly believe that those who are destined to become deified will do so of their own volition.


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