Cast of Characters

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Human Dragon Sorcerer. Doesn’t like to talk too much about his childhood. Grew up an orphan in a small town in Abaerd. Has a major chip on his shoulder when it comes to anything Draconic. Trained by The Master since childhood. His last task before completing his training is to kill the red dragon Uranbrulf. Spent the last four years traveling the world, looking for Uranbrulf. Traveled mainly by taking jobs aboard ships.

Approached by members of The Temple of Light, informed of the prophecy and his supposed part in it. Currently uses the Temple as a home base and safe haven. Has made friends with others at the temple, most notable of which is Mykel.

Currently uninterested in the prophecy of the Lost Light. Solo travel has become increasingly perilous of late, and he needs a strong group to continue his travels with.


Human Swordmage. Raised in a refugee slum in Paradisia. Trained by The Master, like Brandis, then worked as a guard and mercenary until being found by the Temple. Was believed to be one of the Lost Light, but later it was decided she was not a part of the prophecy. Stayed on at the temple as a guard. She also has a final task assigned to her by The Master before she can complete her training, but she refuses to tell anyone what the task is.

Victober Cobb

Changeling Rogue. Born of a changeling father and Human mother. Grew up in a small village. His home was attacked by the undead, and he and his mother fled to the village by the temple. Vic’s mother was ill, and was sneaking around on a roof one night when it caved in, and he literally fell in to the lap of the devotees. Rather than having to defend himself, the Deva informed him that he was bound by prophesy. They agreed to take in his infirmed mother in exchange that he respect the temple and help the Deva.

Victober loves illusions and pursuing noble causes by devious means. He has taken it upon himself to become the perfect mimic of a deity, even though he doesn’t really believe the prophesies. He thinks if he can spread a puppet religion throughout the city-states, and thus unite people into a common cause, he can forge an empire and take back the undead infested lands. He is currently set upon collecting magical artifacts to create the illusion of divinely conferred powers.

Torrick Rippon

Human Bard. Has pursued a life of scholarship. Came to the temple to learn more about the prophesies from the Deva, and informed that he may play an indirect role in them. He is very knowledgable on a wide range of topics and has natural talent for leading people.

Tor is willing to help Vic proselytize if it means he can chronicle the passage of the chosen and perhaps create temples as repositories of knowledge.

Cast of Characters

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