Victobar Cobb



Born of a changeling father and Human mother. Father was estranged from changeling society and seeking to understand humans. Saved mother’s life and she fell in love with him. Raised in village. Mother was from noble heritage and often told stories of the ancient line of kings, (as told to her by her mother) and the woes that befell the world. She believed that it would take a strong belief to bring society back together. Village never trusted father once they found out he was a changeling, but they all had to depend upon eachother to survive. There was an attack on the village, which all of the villagers blamed on father, but he stayed back and sacrificed himself to defend the village while everyone else escaped.

Vic’s mother became ill on the journey, and Vic had top turn to theivery to help her survive. Vic was sneaking around on a roof one night when it caved in, and he literally fell in to the lap of the cult. Instead of having him arrested, they raved about this being a sign of the prophecy. Apparently one who lived by devious means for noble causes was to appear to them, and was one of the prophesized to ascend and take the place of the dethroned deities.

Vic wasn’t sure if he believed any of their foretelling, but he asked for them to take in his mother and help nurse her back to health and they agreed. This was the first time in Vic’s life he’d been accepted, even revered.

As a repayment, Vic has decided to help the cause of the Deva, but in his own way. He plans on becoming a perfect imitation of a god, at least. Of course, as he figures, he’s going to need people to believe in him in order to solidify the illusion, so he’s going to have to convert people to his religion.

After hearing of the prophesies, Vic’s mother asks him to try to bring back the old kingdom and save mankind. He begins to talk to her and the cult leaders about the old divinities and the state of the world, and eventually comes up with a plan.

He will begin collecting magical artifacts to help aid in the appearance of divine blessings. He will set up altars, and eventually temples. Once he has spread this religion, he will make an appearance as a god, and convince people that they must join forces to retake the countryside and forge an empire.

Victobar Cobb

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