One of the first to arrive at the Temple.


Born: Midwinter, 855, in Senterech.

Corcus is one of the oldest “children” of the Lost Light, and is even old by goliath standards: 158 years old by 1013. Born to parents killed in a skirmish with undead in 857 (known later as the Battle of Iul-Tirot), Corcus was stolen away into the nearby forests by his dwarven nurse Mirella. Fending off undead attacks for two days, Mirella finally emerged from the wood, relatively unharmed. Having nowhere to go, she joined and journeyed with a nomadic group known collectively as the Tantarrax, reaching the base of Mount Patarch in 862. Word had traveled by then that the old temple to Avandra cut into the mountain was being renovated to serve as an orphanage, and Mirella decided to deliver Corcus into their hands.

She ended up staying at the temple until her death thirty years later, acting as the head cook in the kitchen. Corcus was raised in the ways of the monk, learning the tricks of the trade from Kesher himself (at this point the other deva hadn’t arrived at the temple yet).

As he grew, Corcus helped Kesher rebuild the ancient temple, as well as go on adventures in search of the Lost Light. While not a Lost Light himself, Corcus knew the power of the prophecy, and did everything in his power to aid Kesher’s grand scheme. Most of the early prophesied children were brought to the temple by Corcus and his band of adventurers known as the Torchbearers.

These days, Corcus is an old man, though he still wanders the halls of the temple, aiding the new Lost Light as best he can. His monkish ways have kept him limber and full of life. While the devas can be cold and calculated, Corcus is warm and affable, the first to crack a joke and the last to laugh at it.

The death of Andelu hit Corcus pretty hard. Andelu and Corcus had become traveling buddies, frequently charting the pathways and caverns of Mount Patarch. Of all the deva, Corcus could relate to Andelu the most, as the two had a frivolity about them that was unmatched with the other deva. While still his spry self, a disheartening sense of gloom seems to have passed over Corcus’s face these days…

One of Corcus’s favorite pupils is Brandis, if only because he loves to tease Brandis in an attempt to break him out of his shell.


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