The Lost Light

Session 5 - The night of the ambulatory deceased

"I sure hope John doesn't get his head exploded by a Kobold Psion after we leave."

(Feel free to erase/replace part or all of this entry. I just wanted there to be something in the adventure log.)

After leaving Andelshire on Narcatz it started to rain, and kept raining throughout the day. As night fell the temple survivors arrived at the ferryman’s house. It was built around an ancient stone watchtower, and the ferryman was nowhere to be found. The survivors all took shelter from the downpour inside the house or the keep. The elderly Corcus, whose condition had been deteriorating ever since the attack on the temple, was bedridden and was being watched over by Kesher. After some investigation, they saw that the ferry had been sunk, and that the Tirusian army had passed directly through this area. They feared the worst for the ferryman.

They finally decided to settle in and get some sleep when Kesher, still watching over his sick friend, spotted a zombie through the window. All those fit for combat positioned themselves inside the house, on top of the keep, and, in Brandis’ case, on the roof of the house. They fought off the zombies with relative ease, but then a huge zombie hulk and a skull lord came into view. They knew things were going to get tough. Brandis retreated, flying up to the top of the keep. At the same time, a man wielding a longbow came towards the house from the other side, nearest the forest, suprised to see people battling zombies in his house. He proved to be John, the ferryman. The zombie hulk crashed through the wall beside Corcus bed, greatly annoying Kesher. Kesher reluctantly left his friend’s bedside to give the hulk and the skull lord a good thrashing. With Kesher and John joining the battle, the undead forces were quickly dispatched.

After the battle’s end they explained themselves to John and he agreed to contact the ferryman from the other side of the water, George, with a flare. However, after a misunderstanding and some harsh words with Brandis, he threw out all of the survivors and told them to fend for themselves. Sheepish, Brandis went back to apologize and offer whatever assistance John required. The survivors all pulled the sunken ferry from beneath the water, then worked to repair the broken wall of John’s house. Eager to redeem himself, Brandis threw himselve into building a new wall with the shipwright skills he had gained in his travels. The result was a wall finer and more sturdy than the wall that had been destroyed. John and Brandis then worked to restore the ferry, their argument happily forgotten.



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