The Lost Light

Session 4 - Andelshire

"The beeeest part of waking up is brain juice in your cup!"

(Feel free to erase/replace part or all of this entry. I just wanted there to be something in the adventure log.)

After fleeing the temple, the survivors came upon a nomadic group that had decided to settle near a river (the Narcaz river, named after one of their fallen friends). Kesher and the other survivors decided to help them fortify their town before they continued on their way. They all helped position stones that would make up the main wall, then Kesher, Corcus, Brandis, and Mykel went to a nearby natural quarry to bring back more stone.

Vic, Torrick, Chris, and Reed stayed behind and tried to tell the people of the prophecy of the Lost Light and the return of the gods. However, one of the leaders of the group, an elf named Leewin, took offense to their message and demanded that they stop. The other leader, a human named Henry, tried to calm Leewin, but had limited success. In the end, they stopped trying to preach to the people and headed off to the quarry to join their friends.

In the quarry, the group was making outstanding progress and ingratiating themselves to the townspeople with their displays of strength, magical ability, and kindness. Corcus, lifting a huge stone, found a tunnel dug into the earth. Mykel, ever the stalwart defender, volunteered to investigate. Crawling down the tunnel, she found a small chamber, barely big enough for the rest of the group. Continuing through another tunnel, she found the den of a carrion crawler, the crawler itself asleep on a bed of rotting corpses and refuse. She also saw the body of some sort of adventurer, wearing some equipment that might prove to be useful.

The rest of the group crawled down to the first small chamber, and Vic stealthily made his way into the crawler’s den, taking care not to wake it. Unfortunately, after making his way to the corpse of the adventurer and attempting to relieve it of any useful equipment, his rummaging woke the huge crawler, who then sleepily made its way towards the entrance of the den, away from Vic. Seeing his opportunity, Vic threw a poisoned dagger at the crawler, immobilizing it in the middle of the room. He then grabbed all of the equipment he could see and ran for the exit. As he neared the exit however, an ankheg burst from the earth in front of him, the shriek of the carrion crawler having roused it from its subterranean slumber. Vic dodged around the ankheg, but was slashed by one of its flailing claws as he passed. Vic turned, standing at the mouth of the exit tunnel. Wounded, out of breath, and with his arms full of loot, facing an ankheg and the enraged carrion crawler, Vic shouted to his friends. “Anyone wanna’ help me out here guys?!”

Brandis, standing at the other end of the tunnel, breathed deeply and exhaled a blast of magic-imbued wind that rushed to Victober and pulled him backwards through the small opening with an audible “Thwooomp!” Once Vic was through the tunnel, Brandis collapsed it with a stomp of his boot and a roll of thunder. The party then crawled out to safety, where Corcus slammed the stone back into place over the tunnel.

After returning with the stone, they discussed the course of action they should take with the leaders, Leewin and Henry. It was decided that the ankheg and the carrion crawler must be exterminated for the good of the town. The next day they headed to the quarry. Corcus removed the stone covering the tunnel to the crawler’s den, then made his way to the center of the quarry, joining a goliath from the town. The two huge goliaths waited until everyone had positioned themselves, then started to jump up and down, beating at the ground, and generally creating a ruckus in order to attract the attention of the underground pests. Six ankheg burst from the ground all around the quarry, and the carrion crawler poured out from its lair.

After most of the ankheg had been killed, the gravely wounded crawler retreated back underground, followed closely by Brandis and Mykel. While the rest of the party finished off the ankheg, they fought the cornered carrion crawler in its den, killing it. The triumphant exterminators then returned to the town for a night of celebration.

In the days that followed, the party lent all the help they could to the town. Torrick healed the townsfolk wounded during construction and taught the healing arts to any keen enough to learn. Mykel drew up plans for the general layout of the town and the construction of sturdy buildings, and afterward did what she could to train a militia in swordplay and defense. Reed taught a few bright students some Warlock spells that would be of particular use against the undead. Brandis expertly calmed any disputes that arose between the townspeople, and tried to be of help in the construction work (but was not used to working with such a large group and was asked to step aside before he caused problems). Vic took a nasty spill off a rooftop and had to be taken care of by a smirking Torrick for a while. Chris helped out where he could.

In thanks, the grateful townspeople insisted that the heroes name their new town. With little deliberation they decided on “Andelshire” after their departed friend. As they prepared for their departure, the teachers among them gave a few last pointers and words of encouragement to their students. Mykel bestowed one of her older (but still expertly oiled and sharpened) broadswords to her most promising student. Likewise, Reed passed on one of her old staffs to the most promising of her students. They then boarded their carriage and departed, the townspeople waving their arms and shouting words of thanks and luck to them until they were out of earshot.

And with that they continued on their way, watching the high, strong walls disappear behind them and hoping fervently that the little town of Andelshire-on-Narcaz would still be there if ever they returned.

[josh sez: i just changed the name from “narcatz” to “narcaz.” good log!]


Hah, I couldn’t remember whether it was caz or catz. I shoulda asked. I liked that session, we did lotsa good guy stuff.

Session 4 - Andelshire

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