The Lost Light

Lich King's Dungeon

0/10. Would not recommend.

After Kesher left the others to bury Corcus, the caravan of survivors from the temple was attacked by a horde of undead. They were not surprised, as this was business as usual. However, this attack was much worse than those they had encountered previously. Brandis along with two other divine candidates, Pique the human monk and Kittibus the gnome bard, were captured. The rest of the caravan, as far as they knew, had been killed. Brandis, Pique, and Kittybus spent the next two years in the dungeon of a Lich King, their minds addled by magical bands around their heads, tortured regularly and with the seeming purpose of corrupting them and turning them to evil.

One day a Tiefling appeared outside the bars of their cells, unlocked the doors and freed them. The Tiefling led them out of the dungeon and to a carriage waiting outside.

The Lost Light… had been found again.




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